• For what purposes are the third and fourth DNS-record?

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    When I visit domain registrars, I always see four fields to change the DNS-records. However, hosting providers are asked to enter only two. For what purpose are the remaining two? P.S. I`ve only registered domains here , others I can`t speak to.

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    Under the rules of domain registration you need two different DNS-servers (two entries) with different IP-addresses. Hoster must give the domain name registrator at least two DNS-entries to ensure the domain registration was successful. This rule of the two records is provided in order to enhance reliability - if the first is not available, the call goes to the second. Often registrars allow you to register 2 entries with the same IP-address.

    It has no effect on the domain, however. If there is a potential failure or unavailability of the IP-addresses of the two DNS-servers, the domain will not work. The third and fourth entries are provided for adding the third and fourth DNS-server to improve the stability and maintenance of the domain in case the first two servers fail.
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    Dns quantity of servers could be 2, 3, 4, etc. It depends on the host. 2 is the most common number of DNS servers, but this is optional.
    The quantity of DNS servers, in theory, increase the level of error tolerance. Typically 2 DNS servers are prescribed. But it could be more.
    Additional DNS-servers are used for redundancy
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