• Could hosting be banned in case of posting other people's photos?

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    On our city portal (reviews of local businesses), we post photos and logos taken from the sites of other companies (shops, cafes, beauty salons, etc.). Photos are taken from open sources, but could hosting be banned if the owners of the companies complain?

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    Usually, for violations of this nature, no one immediately shuts down hosting. Often, in such cases, the user is given some time to resolve this issue (deleting offending materials or using another method that satisfies the rightsholder).
    Yes, it`s possible, when we receive these kind of complaints from our customers, we check it out. If the information is confirmed, then we send the client a notice. If in two days, the client didn`t respond we either delete the file violating copyrights or disconnect the account.
    As a rule, if the hosting provider received a complaint from the rightsholder with a specific link to the photo and the offender doesn`t try to resolve the issue (doesn`t delete the photo and doesn`t appeal the complaint), then the account is banned.
    Yes, if there is a complaint, the site could be blocked. But you can always replace one photo with another (for example, one that is owned by you).
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