• What to do if PuTTY is cancelled?

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    When I enter the username and password, PuTTY closed right away and there is no response, what should I do?
    Solutions (2)
    Try checking never in the window in the section "Close window on exit" and see what the server responds with. With this information, you can talk to the hosting provider support.
    This may mean that: 1. You are connected to the incorrect port. 2. Access to the server is forbidden for the user trying to connect 3. On the SSH-enabled server allow hosts directive, which is not your IP. The reasons may be different. You should get an exact answer from host technical support.
    Answers (2)
    This means that most likely IP addresses are being filtered and your IP address is not on the list of allowed sites.
    It may even mean that SSH is stopped on the destination server.
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