• VPS-server is rebooting itself

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    Approximately 2 times a day the server on FreeBSD 6.0 reboots itself without my intervention. I haven`t contacted hoster`s tech support yet. I want to figure it out myself, but I don`t even know where to look for the problem.

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    First look into logs dmesg and /var/log/messages to see what was happening before the reboot.
    It`s hard to say exactly what the problem is. Try to check the system services logs for possible errors.
    Freebsd 6 is already an outdated OS, this is a good time to update the system, if you are having problems. To find out what the problem is, you need to analyze the log: /var/log/messages.
    First you need to look at logs, they show the problem and and may help you solve these problems too! :) system messages: cat/var/log/messages.
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