• What is the risk of 777 rights on the folder?

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    Developer assigned 777 rights to the folder files and images. He says that it is necessary to ensure that site users can upload their own images to the site (to change avatars and add company logos). He says that it is totally safe, but I don`t think so. Does roots 777 mean that anyone can take full control of this folder and fill in a virus or interfere with the operation of the site. I want to hear what the experts have to say. Thank you!

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    You should change the rights on to folder - 755 (rwxr-xr-x), and files - 644 (rw-r - r--), this means that only the owner (user) can read and write to the directory and modify files, group, and everyone else can only read directories and enter them, but they are not allowed to write files, edit their names and delete them in the directories.
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    Hi. You aren`t mistaken, 777  are dangerous rights to the folder. In comparison, the rights 755 on the directories, 644 on the files are enough to use any of the scripts.
    Yes, 777 provides the ability to record not only the user/owner of the folder, but also others. This is unsafe. Standard rules on folders are 755 and 644 on files.
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