• Which SSL-certificate is better?

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    Hi, I see that many companies have SSL-certificates (GlobalSign, Comodo, Geotrust, Symantec, Thawte, Trustwave, etc.). Which one is better or safer? I`ve learned a lot of information about certificates, and I know which one I need. But I want to know more about the reliability and reputation of the firms that issue the certificates.

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    Good afternoon! There is no major difference between companies you mentioned above. The difference between the certificates themselves may be the technology they support IDN (domain names that contain non-English characters, such as prezident.rf). If you have a domain like this, it`s worth paying attention to.
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    Hi! The only difference is the price. That`s why we chose the cheapest SSL certificate provider - COMODO. The certificate can be purchased through us here: https://adminvps.ru/services/ssl_certificate.php
    The difference isn`t so much in the certification center, which issues the certificate, but in the certificate in general. They differ according to the type, availability, phys./Jur. persons, the number of protected domains, the address bar backlit in green, etc. To learn more about the characteristics of different certificates you can check the comparative table in our website: https://sweb.ru/services/ssl/ By the way, we offer free Symantec Site Starter Certificates: https://sweb.ru/web/ freessl/
    Here the main thing is that the certificate has to be signed and working. It`s possible to receive a free ssl for the domain - it would be working and complete. In the near future we are going to offer the domain certification service. The cost will be lower than the market average.
    It doesn`t matter which firm. If I were you, I would install Lets Encrypt free or Rapid and don`t worry about it - it`s the cheapest.
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