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    Can you please tell me what the real benefit of placing my site on the ssd-drive? I understand that the SSD should work faster than HDD, but if sites are loading in less than a second, then why should I pay for the acceleration I don`t even notice? Or am I wrong?

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    Usually the highest boost in performance from using SSD drives on hosting is seen on sites with a relatively large database (large forums information portals, etc.). Depending on other circumstances, when you install SSD rather than traditional hard drives, the site download time is reduced from 10% to 60%. On websites using CMS but containing a small number of pages and information due to the installation of SSD drives, the site loading time may be reduced by 1% to 40%. On download speed of static sites as well as on the speed of static content returns, using SSD drives has almost no effect.
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    When we introduced the SSD technology, we published a news article in which we at least briefly and clearly described what the advantages are of these drives. I think all the answers you need are here) https://sweb.ru/news/419/
    Hi! The gain in speed will be seen if your site works closely with the disk subsystem. For example, it is a big database with a large number of operations. Or you have a file archive, video site, etc. If you don`t have a load like this, or you are using a different type of cache, for example, stored in the memory - then you hardly notice the difference.
    The main advantage of SSD is the increase of write/read data speed from the disk. For resources loaded on the disc, it is a very important indicator. For static sites, in fact, the PING parameter has a greater impact on the download speed to the server, and the speed of the Web-server response.
    Using the SSD-drives helps increase the read/write speed (IOPS), that`s an obvious fact, but not always visible for the end user. But we have to take into account that as part of a shared hosting service, many clients are hosted on a server and the disk system on SSD-drives copes with it just fine. And the fact that your site loads in less than a second means that your project doesn`t use large amounts of data (databases).
    On the SSD disk read/write is faster. If your project only has one page, it will be loaded on any drive in under a second. If you need it for sites with a large amount of data it will be loaded via FTP quickly, but it depends on the person.
    SSD is required for applications which actively work with the disk system, when performance of the whole system rests on HDD speed. In other cases, it isn`t necessary, you just don`t notice the difference in speed. For shared hosting services, ssd is clearly not necessary. But for VDS, it can be useful, as in the above-described case.
    Today hosting companies don`t force clients to pay for the fact that they are placed on the SSD-drives, because it is the standard. All decent hosting providers use SSD.
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