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    Please recommend a service that can send notifications to my email if the current site files were added or changed. Or for example, if someone changed the title, descriptions or other important content. If there are no special services, may be there is a script?

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    You can monitor the integrity of the file, if any changes were made you could observe the change. For example, if you use VPS, it is possible, with the help of specific commands, to do a comparison, having created a reference to the site folder. You can also use the service https://virusdie.ru/ You should consider that you can make changes, if your hosting account or server were compromised. Hacking often occurs through engines website joomla, wordpress, etc. You should pay particular attention to updates of both the engine and the respective modules.
    virusdie.ru - the best on the market. If you will decide it by yourself you need to write a script that will be once an hour (for example) to compare the contents of files with the standard and in the case of changes to send a message to the e-mail for example. Task is not so easy, because of the variety of CMS, etc.
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    Hi! If you want to monitor the content of a page or the whole site (changing the text, title or meta tags) there is a special service: sorge.pro
    If you have the VDS, you can simply ban the right to record and change those files that you don`t want someone to change. Or if there is ssh access on a virtual server, you can set special flags on the files.
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