• Does protection against DDoS really work?

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    When I first started, I didn`t think about protecting my site, but now the site is growing (3,500 unique visitors a day already) and now I am worried. Good protection is very expensive, but there are free services out there. Can you enlighten me please? Is free protection ok? Does it really help to protect against DDoS? I noticed some major news websites attempt something similar. That means when to enter the site, I have to enter the code. I haven`t noticed anything like that on my friends` websites though because we are with the same internet provider. But it was really annoying to have to enter codes. So if I put DDoS-protection on the site, will some of my visitors have to enter a confirmation code to get to the site if they are deemed suspicious? This is also inconvenient and will affect the site ranking, because Google doesn`t like the things that users don`t like.

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    Good afternoon! In most cases, free protection will be limited by traffic and only protects you from a small number of attacks. For example, at cloudflare, there is a free plan, but they won`t protect you from more serious attacks. Some security services are required to filter bots. When you enter a CAPTCHA code  before visiting the site, you are confirming that you are a real person. Our company began to provide professional services to protect against DDOS attacks of all levels (Layer 2,3,4,7). Our prices start from 1900 rubles per month for protecting one site. Entering any characters (CAPTCHA) at the entrance to the site is not required. Everything is very convenient for you in terms of customization. More details can be found on our website in the section, Protection from DDOS.
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    Normal DDoS protection doesn`t involve entering any codes while accessing the site. Usually, it is implemented via proxy, through which all site traffic is redirected. This proxy cuts all dangerous traffic. For the end user, everything happens normally.
    Hi! Check out our hosting with ddos-protection in France: https://adminvps.ru/anti_ddos_hosting.php. Protection against DDOS attacks of all types up to 1 Gbit is already included in the price plans. If you are vulnerable to more powerful attacks, then you need to consider a separate service.
    Good afternoon! Our company provides services to protect against DDoS-attacks. Our protection doesn`t use the verification code as a method of traffic validation. All checks are carried out automatically at 3-4, 7 levels of OSI. For more information, please visit our website.
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