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    Hosters just offered a couple of programs on the server for 50 bucks per month. Is there anywhere that offers free administration? Maybe in USA or Europe?

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    Good afternoon! Our VPS and dedicated servers are provided with free administration. See rates here https://rigweb.ru/vps/
    Typically, VPS service comes with a basic administration, that is the primary setting for all services of the site on a dedicated virtual server. Upon request, the hoster can assist in the transfer of the site. Quality support may be only available for a fee.
    In cases where free full administration is provided, it causes a huge overload on the technical support of the service provider, and the question about the quality of support and work in general starts to appear. Our hoster provides free basic support - configurating the server`s control panel for customer`s choice.

    There are administration services offered, but it`s for an extra fee - depending on what you need to do and how often. There are different price options. Of course, we are always glad to solve easy problems free of charge, but if the customer faces difficulties (it may require an individual approach and that depends on the workload of administrators at the time).
    Hi! We have a free administration service. Support works quickly day and night. You can check it out with the free trial.
    Contact us for a free basic technical support service that includes the basic setting of the desired software for client. Follow-up fine-tuning, and reinstall should be done by you.
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