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    We launched a news site on WP. The content population will be mostly automatic. Judging by experience, in a month we will have 3-5 thousand unique visitors a day. The audience is in Russia. I want to try to place the site on VPS. What kind of server configuration is needed for this? P.S. We haven`t considered cloud hosting yet because of the high cost.

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    Here, the issue isn`t with the hosting strength, but in the WP optimization and the correct choice of the site-servicing software. There should be enough hardware: 1GB of RAM, one core for 2GHz (for more comfortable work: two cores at 2GHz). Disk space - depends on the content of the site. Software: nginx (front) + apache (back), php 5.6 and higher, mysql 5.5 and higher. In apache, in addition to the standard and necessary for the operation of WP modules, there must be: mod_exipres. With it, you can manage the caching of site pages from the visitor`s browser. In the WP itself, you must supply the caching plugin. For example wp-super-cache. Its presence in the WP in the on state, even with basic settings, results in a significant drop in the server load.
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    If you correctly configure and optimize the VPS with 1 GB of RAM (and one core of the CPU should be enough), in your case, the volume of the disk isn`t critical. We recommend choosing VPS with the possibility of increasing resources without reinstalling the server.
    3-5 thousand unique visitors per day isn`t that much. When choosing, it is better to choose based on SSD-disks and modern processors. And with the increase in attendance, you can monetize and switch to more productive VPS plans or a dedicated server.
    Hello! We recommend you check out our plans: https://adminvps.ru/wordpress_hosting.php. First you can try the VPS-Start plan. If necessary, in the future, you can switch to a higher plan without any migration. Our support team can help to optimize the server for WP at your request. Administration is free of charge.
    Start with 1 GB of RAM + 1 core 2 GHz (with the possibility of an increase, no problem). As attendance increases, you can enter different caching elements (memcached, redis, varnish).
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