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    Dear experts, I want to create a server that will handle approximately 2000 people online at the same time, and I want to understand how powerful my VPS server should be. Help please!

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    Hello. You can take the primary configuration server and then gradually increase the resources that aren`t working for you (RAM, CPU, channel) and eventually change from the primary to the virtual server. It will be the easiest solution.
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    Good afternoon! Look at our VPS rates, prices starting at $ 2.92 / month. The choice of server depends on the configuration that you need. Email us us at billing@hyperhost.ua and we will pick the best plan for you.
    Hello. Are they visiting within one a minute or within an hour? If it`s all within one minute, you only need a server. For example, one like 2x Xeon E5504 4 x 2.13 GHz / 64 GB RAM DDR3 should work. At the same time you a channel that can handle it - 1000Mbit would work best.
    Hi! For a gaming website, we don`t recommend a VPS, but a protected dedicated server (physical).  For example, with the following parameters: Xeon E3 3.60GHz (4 core) 2 x 1TB SATA (RAID 1) 32GB DDR3 / DDR4 1Gbps / 100Mbps OnBoard. You can rent a server in Russia or the Netherlands at our company.
    In your case, you just need a dedicated physical server with a broad communication channel. My colleagues gave you a generally correct configuration for your request. But take into consideration, if the server part is Java, then you need to multiply by two the number of RAM, and also choose faster processors.
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