• Is it possible to learn the hidded WHOIS?

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    I registered domains at and there was a standard WHOIS-protect protection. But can it somehow be stolen by competitors or special departments?

    P.S. I entered my own data, that`s why I`m afraid.

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    If the .RU .РФ zones are the issue, according to the registration rules the Registrar has the right to provide information on the full name of the administrator and his location (residence) in response to a written request from third parties with the sole purpose of bringing a lawsuit. (Item 9.1.5) https://cctld.ru/files/pdf/docs/rules_en-rf.pdf?v=30
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    Only on the request of law enforcement agencies, but that doesn`t happen often.
    Here, the most important piece is not whois, but the domain zone and registrator. If the zone is in the jurisdiction of your country, then it will be easier to access than if it is outside your country.
    If you mean state agencies under the term special departments, they can get this data on request. Nobody else. But if you aren`t breaking the law, you have nothing to fear.
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