• Is it possible to locate one domain on two hosting providers?

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    Here`s my plan - if one hoster suddenly goes down, my site would still be up on a different host. Can I do this in some way?

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    There are several ways to do this. This problem can be solved by means of several A-records in the domain. But there could potentially be a problem with the data replication, it is the most difficult point. You will have to keep the site status current on various hosting platforms. It`s certainly better to choose a reliable service provider, because such a task could require skilled technicians that would cost a lot of money.
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    Really it`s very simple - to specify two A records with different hosts (independent of each other). Also, for more stability, it is necessary to specify 2 different domain name servers, even independent of each others` DNS-providers.
    Good afternoon! You can just add a few A-records and DNS from both providers.
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