• I bought the domain. But I'm not satisfied with the service

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    Hi! Please help me. At I bought a domain in the .ru zone. Now there are problems with extending for a 2nd year. First, they agreed to accept payment only before 2 months prior to expiration. Second, they agreed to extend it only for 1 year. Third, after receiving the payment, they didn`t update the information showing I paid. They say that it will be seen in whois that the domain is extended only when the year ends completely (right now it`s showing I only have a few days left - I`m worried). Tell me, are they in the right? Will I lose my domain name? Can I change domain registrars? Thanks for the answers and help!

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    >> First, they agreed to accept payment only before 2 months prior to expiration. Second, they agreed to extend it only for 1 year. Hi! There`s nothing you can do, these are the rules of the domain zone .ru. You can change your domain registrar if you don`t trust or like your current registrar. This is known as a transfer.
    You can transfer the domain, but this is the working procedure for all registrars. The only thing that you can do is to add money to your account and the balance will be debited automatically.
    Yes, my colleagues are right. These are the rules. As for the second part of your question, after you paid the domain registrar and the payment was accepted, a new date should immediately appear in whois. You need to ask your registrar why it isn`t updated if you have paid for it. You can change your registrar. Colleagues have already mentioned this is called a transfer. Any hoster will have further information.. Here is ours: https://support.rusonyx.ru/index.php?/Knowledgebase/List/Index/15/smen-registrtor-ili-prtner-dlja-domenov-v-zonkh-ru-su- rf
    Here everything is described in more detail: https://cctld.ru/en/docs/RU-2.php
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