• What is the difference between a CLUSTER and CLOUD hosting

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    offers cluster hosting, and offers cloud hosting. It seems that the description is the same, but why are the names different? Or is it a marketing trick? As far as I understand, in both cases they distribute the extra load so that the server never lags - is this right?

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    The cluster is a number of machines that from the outside (from the end user) look like a single resource. There are a lot of advantages of this system, but the end user only needs to worry about fault tolerance. Other pluses include the fact that administrators are familiar with it. Of course, it could be considered a positive that the service staff are simpler, which means they will be able to cope with a number of tasks and problems faster. Cloud (subjectively) is a marketing term.
    The cloud is essentially a cluster :) Cloud hosting consists of a pool of physical machines, united by a single software platform that scales well (increase/decrease in performance) and if one physical unit (server) fails, the operability will be not interrupted.
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