• What ping is considered normal?

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    My PageSpeed ​​Insights shows that the speed of the server`s response is 0.56 ms, but it recommends trying to lower it more. I reported this to the provider support, and they told me that this is the norm. Pease explain what is considered the norm for ping and what are its limits?

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    According to the service that provides PageSpeed ​​Insights, they consider the time of 0.2-0.4 seconds for server response as "normal". However, server response time and "ping" are different indicators. Since we are talking about PageSpeed, then I assume that you are interested in the time the index server took to respond to a request PageSpeed from. This indicator consists of a large number of factors. 1. The network used between the server and PageSpeed ​​host server on which your site is placed. 2. Workload of the hosting server. Practice shows that, objectively, differences between the speed of the server`s response 0.2 seconds and 0.8 seconds  is unoticeable to the user. We believe PageSpeed ​​Insights when they sat this is "normal".
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    Response time from PageSpeed ​​depends on the route to the server where your site is located. Naturally, the lower the ping, the better, but you also need to look at the rate of generation of the page as a whole, in order to optimize the site. Ping is considered acceptable up to 100ms, but that is subjective. It is also necessary to look at the ping as it relates to your target audience..
    In Europe a good ping is considered less than 100. In your case, you need to watch the responsiveness of Web-server, and that depends on many factors. Network traffic (need to look at whether there is packet loss), overloaded web server, page speed generation (if there any dynamic elements, the type of discs are important). A server response of just 0.56 seconds is really barely higher than normal, but it can vary at different times. You can check the speed of the web server response for different regions using https://check-host.net/check-http service. There you can send a ping to various countries to check on network speed and loss.
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