• What uptime is considered to be normal?

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    I don`t understand this one thing - hosting providers don`t have 100% uptime. This means that all hosting companies are constantly having issues? The hosting is created to ensure the smooth operation of the site. The same cloud hosting guarantees that, but in fact receives a 99% uptime. What indicates normal or excellent uptime?

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    Unfortunately, 100% uptime doesn`t exist in nature. If we pay attention to the various providers of the monitoring system, we can see that some really are committed to 100%, but as a rule, it`s an enterprise server monitoring, which is only used for the targets of the provider, and it never will be where clients are. The servers that host clients, cannot achieve 100% uptime. Since no one is immune from the various types of attacks on customer sites, plus the obvious overselling resources problem (when more customers are located on the server than can be supported, it creates server problems.)

    Upgrading the core on the server may also restart the server. Also, no one is immune from the problems in the upstream provider, like a data center having an outages (problems with the channel provider, network problems, employees errors, etc.) and this again will affect the uptime of servers. Therefore, you should pay attention not to the claimed uptime, but to how quickly problems are solved by the technical support of the hosting company. You should decide if the hoster uses reliable server hardware or not, what data center it uses, and how open the company`s representatives are about their services.
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    It`s impossible to guarantee 100% uptime, on cloud solutions a real uptime may be about 99.99 and higher, for example, on our servers, we have actual downtime of less than an hour a year, and on most servers this time isn`t more than 20 minutes per year, although we don`t use cloud servers. On many web hosting sites, there is a link to a site monitoring system where you can see the real uptime of servers.
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