• How to protect against recording shell-script to the picture ?

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    A week ago our project was hacked. Using logs it was revealed that the shell was in sys.php.pcx ie in the picture! How do we deal with this?

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    Install new complicated passwords for FTP, mail, and control panel, as well as to all databases. Set the admin password for the site and make sure that no one except you has admin access to your site. Update CMS, all plugins and themes used by your website to the latest version. Remove unused components, modules and plug-ins for your sites. Use components, modules and plug-ins only from trusted sources. Install antivirus on the server and put the daily server file scan in kroons.
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    Check the site files with the ai-bolit script or ask your hoster`s support to do it, there is nothing complicated and it should be free. Here`s a link for you, if you want to do it yourself https://www.revisium.com/ai/
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