• How to protect the site from outsiders downloading the files engine?

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    Can a competitor download my site completely? I mean steal the engine. If so, how do I protect myself from this?

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    If the host server is configured correctly, this couldn`t happen. Web servers give users coming to your site page an html-code (plus various resources, such as css, js, images, etc.). The code of your engine is not available for visitors in an ordinary web server mode. If we are talking about a possible burglary, the attacker will be able to download software engine in its original form. To protect yourself from this scenario, there are various encoders and obfuscators. The first simply turns the engine code into a jumble of illegible characters. The second one encrypts the code in a special way so that it can only be interpreted by the web server module with a special decoder. This software isn`t free and can be a little pricy. For the site to work after encoding, as we noted earlier, a special decoding module should be installed on the Web server. For a more detailed search on the internet, use the search term "Zend Guard and its analogs," or "Zend Encoder and its analogs".
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    If your site is hacked, for example, if someone stole your password from the FTP, the competitor will be able to download all the files of your website. Otherwise, a competitor will not be able to download the script. Images, files, html files - yes, scripts - no. We recommend that pay attention to the safety of your hosting account, use only complex passwords which consist of letters/numbers/symbols, do not save passwords in FTP client, and use anti-virus software on your computer.
    He couldn`t using just browser, only if he has access to your account through the host server.
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