• How to protect users personal data stored in the database MySQL?

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    Hello, I am seriously worried that my users personal information could be stolen. They left a phone number, email, name and password. What if my site is hacked and the information is used to attack them. And a lot of users use the same password on social networks and bank accounts and their account on our site. I don`t want it to be our fault! We will buy SSL-certificate to protect data in transit. but how do I protect them in the database?

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    Inside the database data can be stored in an encrypted form. But in this case, you need to provide a way to decrypt this data for your own needs. For example, to encrypt data, you can create an additional script that will use the text file received from outside as the encryption key. Outside is necessary - that way in case of hacking, the attacker would not be able to see the file among the files of your site. When you save data in the database, they go through the encryption process, and when you pull up these data for work purposes they go through the procedure of decryption.
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