• How to get our email from being labeled spam?

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    Hi, I have problems with my second hosting provider. A lot of letters sent from our corporate mail (info@mydomain.ru) are sent to spam, though there is no spam in the email. We even stopped adding links to the content, but it`s still happening. A developer I know said it was due to the host (my neighbors on the server send banned mail, and the server is blacklisted). I changed the hosting, but the problem remains (our e-mail doesn`t reach the recipients). Do we need to move on to VPS or even a dedicated server? That is really expensive, is there a way to solve this problem somehow? Thank you.
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    You will find the most complete information from the mail server logs. They are usually located here:  /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log or /var/log/exim4/main.log depending on software installed. The logs will contain the reason for non-delivery of each message. If the non-delivery is due to the blacklist (and this is indicated in the log), each blacklist has their own individual delisting procedure. One of the domain verification service is mxtools.com. When you enter your domain name on this site, you`ll get extensive information about its configuration, error, and the blacklist as well. By accessing blacklists sites you will need to go through a process of elimination (on different sites there are different ways of this procedure, often there isn`t a Russian version of the site).
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    Hi! You can try to check to see if your server IP address that hosts your website and your domain is on different spam lists. Also make sure that DKIM and SPF record were set for your domain.
    A VPS and dedicated rate isn`t necessary, especially for this. For starters. you can order your virtual dedicated hosting IP-address, these additional services should give you some confidence. Once you get the address, you can test it in all the spam listings. You can deduce ip-addresses from the spam lists if you write to hosting tech support. Or you can check your current host ip address for spam lists yourself. The IP can be located in some listings. The hosting provider should know it. Here are some links where you can check the address lists: https://www.spamhaus.org/ http://www.dnsbl.info/ by the way, check the ip-address of the site you can command ping <website domain> and carry out your own investigation.
    Good afternoon, I recommend in this case to connect to Yandex mail, it`s easy and free.
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