• What is your opinion about KloXo control panel?

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    I read on the forum that this panel has more than 25 serious vulnerabilities, and I should go for a hosting provider with cPanel or ISP. But for six months I have been using and paid for six months. I don`t know what to do ...

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    Control panel cPanel is one of the most popular among users due to its simplicity and ease of use. They have a good support system in case of any problems with the panel. ISP Manager panel is also very popular among users.
    Hi, if you decide to change hosting services to one with an ISP control panel, we are able to offer our services. When you move on with us, you won`t lose your remaining period of the old hosting, because we have a special offer that allows you to the remaining period free when you pay for 1 month.
    There are many different panels - we can argue for for a long time what kind is best. The vulnerability of the panel is a hosting problem, except if attackers get your account information, then it becomes your problem. We use hosting panel DirectAdmin on our hosting, due to ease of using for the end user.
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