• How do I find out if there was a DDOS attack on my website?

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    Please help explain DDOS. I would like to know how to tell that my site was attacked? As far as I understand, it should stop working? I have a Yandex-Metric and it notifies me if my site is down. But how do I know if it`s due to DDOS attacks?

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    There will be a lot of identical or very similar requests in the server`s logs. And hoster should tell you about it.
    Hello! As a rule, your hosting provider should inform you about a DDoS-attack and whether or not the site is blocked or disabled. Support can tell you if the site doesn`t work because of the increased load, in this case, they should specify whether it is a hubr effect or DDoS. In any case, if the hoster doesn`t answer you or doesn`t want to solve the problem, we recommend that you contact the DDoS protection specialists, for example, ours is ddos-guard.net
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    The site will issue errors, seemingly without any reason. Then when you look at the logs, you will see that the site is has been attacked with a DDoS.

    To do this, contact your hoster, it will provide similar statistics.

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