• How to increase the log storage time in NGINX?

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    I found nginx logs here /var/log/. But I do not understand how to keep it for more than a few hours? If something is wrong I`m sorry, I`m not an expert ...

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    You can configure the rotation of logs, here: https://popsul.ru/blog/2013/01/post-42.html
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    You are to configure log rotation in order to store server logs for a longer period.
    The process involves disabling of outdated or too large log files along with their archiving (for a specific period of time)

    If you server has a control panel - the rotation can be configured using panel functionality .
    If not, you are to set it up manually

    For example - the utility logrotate - https://www.opennet.ru/base/sys/logrotate_howto.txt.html

    Thank you.


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