• How does CDN work on hosting?

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    I`m preparing a website for the US (the main site is located in Russia). At **** , I noticed CDN technology. Does it really work? Share your experiences with me please. Does it mean Americans don`t even feel the difference in ping? And how does the site update happen?

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    There will be no difference in ping if the information for Americans is sent to them from a server located territorially close to them (for example, in the USA). The same content is located on different servers (spaced geographically) and the content is given to the client from the one that is closest.
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    There is plenty of information about CDN (content delivery network) on the Internet. You can read about how the technologically works. Basically, the provider of this service hosts servers in different countries which "cache" the sites and give content to the client from a geographically closer to the content delivery node. That means that most likely a client from the US will receive information from a server located in the US and the ping may be less.
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