• How to check the site and the hosting server for vulnerabilities?

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    Recently the sites of my friend were hacked, most likely it was an older version of Joomla. I heard that it could be a vulnerability of the server. Could you tell me how to check my hosting and site for security holes myself? Please don`t suggest the audit services, as I am interested in the tools that can be used myself.

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    Hi! You can use the script Ai-bolit. It will show you any malicious code. Here is the link - https://www.revisium.com/ai/. I think you should have no problem using it, and there is lots of information about it on the internet.
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    We can certainly recommend ai-bolit - but it is unlikely that will help without basic knowledge of the infected sites and vulnerabilities. You can use the following general recommendations - 1) Change all passwords regularly 2) Make passwords complex, 3) Conduct regular updates of the site engine and all its plug-ins, modules and components.
    My colleagues are right: you can use AIBOLIT: https://www.revisium.com/ai/  to check your site. If you are in doubt about site reliability, conduct a detailed test. The scanner information and instructions will tell you how to do it. And, based on the scanner report, decide what to do. You probaly can`t check the server if you are using shared hosting. There aren`t any specialized services for that. If you use a VDS or Dedicated server, it should be sufficient to upgrade to the most stable versions of your core operating system and install updates provided by the server packages. Only then can you be 99% sure that your server is secure.
    Checking the hosting is possible, but it requires knowledge and skills, and if you asked this question, it seems, your skill isn`t enough to check the host. Joomla is hacked a lot. And it doesn`t matter what version you use. Joomla is the main root of problem.
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