• How to limit the size of the subdomain folder?

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    Technical support told me the only way I have to solve my problem is to switch to VPS. Is there any other way to solve it?

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    Tell us more details. Do you download files or is there a static site? Why is the size so big? We have unlimited options if you want move to us, then you won`t need the VPS.
    Good afternoon. If you are using a CMS, try to clean the cache of the engine and check if the CMS creates its own backup copies in its directory.
    A lot depends on the CMS that you use and the nature of the site`s content (static or dynamic). If the size is increased due to the cache, then you can try to install some caching plug-ins (for example, WP Super Cache for wordpress). If you have plug-ins to create backup copies, you can try to disable it or to reduce the number of created backups.
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