• How to detect overselling on the hosting?

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    The problem began with last time. I don`t have money for the VPS yet, so the sites are on the standard hosting. I read that the hosting provider can oversell (sell more server resources than it should). How can I check that myself?

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    Here the question is about the ethics of the hosting company. As a rule, companies that sell hosting services for a penny and promise limitless opportunities will oversell the server resources. There are no miracles and the companies will not work at a loss. Therefore, it`s not worth to pay for super cheap hosting, it is better to pay more, and be sure of the quality of the services provided.

    As for your question directly, ask your hosting company which resources are allocated to your account according to your price plan (RAM, CPU, load on the disk subsystem) and compare with the resources that are used directly by your account (usually this option is in the Hosting management panel). If you notice that there is still resources available on your account, and there are still problems, then contact hosting companytech support  with this information.
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    Analyze the consumption of resources in the control panel of the hosting and compare with the declared ones, if the consumption is less than declared, it means there is an oversell. This does not apply to disk space.
    It can be anything. It can be a DDOS-attack. Perhaps something with the disk system or many other variants. It is necessary ask the hosting company tech support to explain and eliminate the problem. It`s difficult to answer your question about the price. No one prevents companies from setting high prices and overselling resource. If they wanted too, they could set low prices and reduce the cost, not deceiving for anyone. Oversell is a relative concept and it does not always adversely affect the work. As a rule, users do not use all allocated resources on the hosting.

    The resources that are sold are calculated on average from how much one account consumes and there is a constant monitoring of consumption on the server as a whole. Problems begin only when a certain resource is used up on the server, but in this case a decent hosting provider can solve the problem quickly enough by simply adding more of this resource. Guarantee a no oversell guarantee is only available through VPS on KVM - but the price for it will be high.
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