• How to set up the virtual subdomains?

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    I have a problem for you. site.com/ru and site.com/en have to be on different servers (one in Russia, the other in the US). Can you help me? Is it possible to set it up this way and how? The developer said he can set up virtual subdomains, but as far as I know, that would just redirect from ru.site.com to site.com/ru but I need these sites to be on different servers.

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    You can solve this problem using a reverse proxy server, which can be either Apache or Nginx. That way the proxy server will direct all requests to site.com/ru to the server that is located in the RF, and similarly all requests to site.com/en to the server that is in the US. The benefit of this approach is suspect, because eventually the client will receive all data from a proxy server whose geographic location stays the same. Indeed, it is easier to use the option with subdomains: en.site.com - in the US, and ru.site.com - in the Russian Federation.
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    You can do this with Nginx, but in both cases, /ru and /en IP will be from the (same) server where NGINX is located, and the actual content will be on different servers. Creating different IPs is physically impossible, because the root domain is the same.
    This is technically impossible to do, because both these addresses are one domain, it will probably be easier to do site.com in the US and ru.site.com in the Russian Federation, this is possible and easy to do.

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