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    I entered the site and saw a white screen with the following: Temporary update ABIP. Please try again later at. I understand that I need to come back later. I waited for 2 days and the same thing happened. But my friends also accessed this site from their houses and it is working. Anyone know what to do?

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    That`s a strange question. Options that come to mind first: 1. There is a problem with the equipment of your ISP or on the communication channel that he uses. Then you need to contact their technical support. 2. An error within the CMS of your website. The following sub-options are possible: a) the error is from your browser, and you should try to open the site in another browser; b) global error, but your friends from home see your site as its cached. In that case, you need to ask the site developers or your current webmaster. 3) The message is generated by the hoster`s server, and your friends` site is opened from the cache. So, you need to write/call the hoster asking them to fix the situation.
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    What kind of site? On what CMS? It`s better if you can link to the page with the error.
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