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    Maybe I don`t know something and am asking a simple question, but I would like to receive an answer. I host with , a blog on Joomla and I pay for the hosting. Then from my host comes a message that I have exceeded the resources to input/output (more than 3000) and I need to switch to VPS. Are they telling me the truth? After all, at the last (cheaper) hosting provider, there was no limit. And what does it mean? Does it mean that there were more than 3,000 requests or users?

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    Different hosters have different limitations. The main parameters by which a hosting company can limit your account (if you are using a shared-hosting), is time, the CPU, the amount of memory on the scripts, the amount of disk space, the total number of files, and the number of input-output operations. This list isn`t complete. Everything is limited only by the imagination and the greed of the hoster. Perhaps Input/Output operations are maxed out  (as well as other limitations set)  at your rate of 3,000.

    Regarding the "lie or not" question: The provider probably isn`t lying. The hoster has certain restrictions on the average performance load on the server-side user server. Your service plan should outline these limits . One thing is certain: if the restriction is 3000 input/output operations issued in one day (24 hours), then for the plan, this is very limited. If you do a simple blog Connect with Facebook joomla, then consider the option of hosting with us: https://radisol.ru/hosting. Previously if you reached 5GB on site load, our "popular" plan will be suitable for you.
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    Limits exist everywhere and always. They are just not always reported. SHARED hosting - this is essentially a set of sites where each site uses resources (RAM, memory, disk) of the same physical server. These resources are divided between the users according to certain rules. If you exceed any settings, other users` resources will be limited. You have to choose one of three options. 1 -  optimize your site to use fewer resources 2 - go to VPS (as the hoster advised) 3 - Move on to a hosting provider with less stringent limits.
    As I understand it, it refers to operations related to reading or writing files to the hard disk. (For example, images or text files, system libraries or php-scripts.) This limitation is set by the hoster, and to solve this problem you need to move to VPS or change the host. (That seems like a better option).
    Your hosting provider isn`t lying to you, those are their restrictions. Each hosting provider has the right to set its own limits. Arguing with the hoster is useless, if you want, it`s easy to move on to another hosting provider, and for a small amount of money per month you can find better VDS without these restrictions.
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