• How to deal with competitors who copy the content of my site?

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    Some lowlifes copy parts of my site. The editor writes good copy, but then it appears on competitors` sites, and then appears on Google. We contacted SEO specialists and they said that we shouldn`t worry, because the search engines are punished for stealing articles. Tell me how to shut this down at the hosting level? By the way, legal recourse is not available in my country so that`s not an option.

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    Unfortunately, if you want to, you can copy any content if it is on the site. In Yandex webmaster there is a function "Original texts", where you can let search engines know that this text was added by you first and it belongs to you: If you publish original texts on your site, and they are reprinted by other Internet resources, warn Yandex about the imminent Output of a new text. We will know that the original text appeared for the first time on your site, and try to use it in search algorithm settings.
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    You can "close" the ability to copy text on the site using HTML tags, for example, body oncopy = "return false;" Or body onmousedown = "return false;" Onclick = "return true;" However, if a person opens the source code of the page, they can copy the text without problems. Another option is to try to cover the text content with a transparent drawing.
    The question is how much time passes between your publication and the copy-paste of your content by competitors, as well as the "weight of the site" for search robots. There are certain ways to force indexing of the site using webmaster tools. (For example: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools). It is almost impossible to protect against copying content from your site.
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