• Where can I find 502 error logs?

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    I bought hosting with Apache and Nginx. I can`t find error "502 Bad Gateway nginx"in the logs. Tell me how to do it and where to look?

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    First, please tell us what panel you use. As a rule, logs NGINX and APACHE are added to the same file, or more precisely to 2 files - error.log and access. You need the second file. It may be located in the registers, logs, etc., depending on the panel.
    If Page 502 status is issued from the nginx web server, which in your case is the front-end server, it receives the request and sends it to the apache (back-end server). If the response from apache back on nginx does not arrive, then nginx returns you to the page with a 502 error. The reason for this should be looked for in the nginx logs, because this where mistake is detailed. Usually on shared-hosting, the hoster gives access only to the apache logs, because nginx logs may contain proprietary information that doesn`t help you. Most likely, in the nginx logs, about 502-error  you`ll see the sudden termination of apache while processing your request.

    Or the apache doesn`t work. First of all you need to talk to the hoster technical support about the error.
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    502 error indicates that there is no response from the Apache for too long. Either increase proxy_read_timeout, or see the logs.
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