• I have a domain. What do I need to choose first: web hosting or a website designer?

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    Hello! I already have a domain. What do I do first? - Connect the domain with a host provider or find a web designer and build a site? The designer offers its address, but I want to keep my domain. Does it depend on the web designer?

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    Good afternoon! Usually the term "designer" means a system that allows you to create your own website quickly, and usually without web development experience. If you use an external designer, not a content management system (CMS), then you probably won`t have the technical ability to transfer your site to another hosting provider in the future without completely re-creating the site. We recommend that you use CMS - this is the best solution that allows you to kill two birds with one stone: First,  you can create a site without needing web programming experience, and second, you won`t be tied to any one hosting provider. And, if necessary, you can always transfer your site to another provider without needing to make significant changes.

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    What does the support service or web designer help section say about this?
    Good afternoon. It all depends on whether your web designer allows you to move the finished site to third-party hosting. Some designers allow you to export the site and subsequently host it anywhere, and some don`t. If the designer doesn`t allow you to keep your domain, but you still want to use it, simply create a redirect from your registered domain to the address of your website created by the web designer.
    Web Designer is increasingly obsolete.
    If you still want to create a site using a web designer, the best solution is to redirect the site to your already purchased domain name. If using the designer is not important, it is better to create a site using any CMS, this will allow you to easily transfer the site without having to worry about this ever again.
    Actually, any way is possible: you can first park (bind) the domain, and then send it.
    Good afternoon. It all depends on what site designer you use. Most designers don`t require a separate hosting and place a site made through a designer on their site. Some designers allow the site to be published on outside hosting services, which would require you to purchase it. But as a rule, first create your site with the designer, and only then buy hosting if necessary. For example, we offer free site design with purchase of a domain.
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