• What influences hosting speed and how do I check it?

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    These days there is competition with site downloading speed. Google even uses this as a ranking factor. We have Pagespeed showing 75 points. From what I know, the speed of our site is affected by: SSD drives, search engine optimization, ping hosting, CPU power on hosting service. What other factors should I pay attention to? I don`t mind switching to a new hoster and I don`t want to make a mistake with it.

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    In fact, you shouldn`t be focused on this metric - a lot has been written on this already, you should check it out. It`s better to check the download speed of tools.pingdom.com And pay attention to the download speed of the site, the faster your site is loading, the better the ranking. PageSpeed ​​basically shows the configuration of the server. Without changing anything on the site, and only having configured nginx and apache (on the cheapest VPS) you can achieve an index> 90, but the site will be loaded in 5-6 seconds. Better to optimize the download speed of the site to 1-1,5 - this will give more tangible results than the optimization of the site under Speedpage from Google.
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    To increase this rating (ie Pagespeed), you can enable gzip compression, activate caching in nginx, optimize images on the site (the Pagespeed resource offers already optimized images, css and scripts for downloading), optimize the database (if it is used by the site ).
    Hi, If you are focused on the Pagespeed metrics, then these metrics are usually achieved by the standard compression and caching settings of site content. Typically, standard rules are in place, which are recommended by Google to the .htaccess file. Usually, when clients come to us with pagespeed issues, we can provide rules that in 95% of cases help to increase the speed. Each hoster has a free trial period - before moving, you can ask to make a copy of your site from the new hosting provider and check the speed of work. If you are satisfied, then you can move on completely.
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