• What is CloudFlare and how does it work?

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    I received a free account with CloudFlare from . I thought that my site would speed up. But in the end, it turned out that the server was in Russia and all tests showed that it was in Russia. Now it shows that the server is in the Netherlands and the IP is different. How is that? Instead of going directly to my site, the user goes first to CloudFlare, and they send the data? Then how does it speed up?

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    CLOUDFLARE is a service that positions itself as an accelerator of the Internet. What they really do: provide protection for on-line services from DDoS attacks by filtering malicious traffic on their proxy servers. That means, you register CloudFlare for your domain DNS server , perform a simple configuration of the domain in your personal account on the CloudFlare site and forget about DDoS. In this case, the hosting doesn`t need to be changed, CloudFlare itself will filter all ddos-traffic, and "white" requests will be redirected to your hoster`s server. It really does work, but it costs a lot of money. Also CloudFlare "speeds up" the site by caching your site in its CDNs around the world. If you look at the CloudFlare server distribution map on their main page, you will see that their servers are distributed around the world. Thus, a huge part of the Internet users co-located with their servers, so their CDN system is quite effective and allows you to "speed up" the work of your site, located, for example, in Russia, for users from, for example, Australia.
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    Cloudflare is a service to protect against DDoS-attacks. It`s implemented in the form of a proxy, through which all traffic passes to your site. Dangerous traffic is stopped. It has no connection with site speed.
    Good day! Speed increase is for users who are outside of Russia, because a copy of your site is stored in the CDN and is returned from the server closest to the end user. There isn`t a lot of detail here on cloudflare, like from an independent person: https://habrahabr.ru/post/125823/. And you can ask your hosting provider why your traffic comes from the Netherlands.
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