• What does the quantity of cores in VPS rates mean?

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    I see 2 cores on 2.4 GHz. Does this mean that 2 physical cores are allocated for me or are they virtual? P.S. In the second case their meaning is not clear at all. And I know about NOD. But these cores are slightly confusing :)

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    Pay attention to the virtualization system. That will tell you how much they can oversell. Earlier, about 5 years ago, everyone was leaning more towards XEN. But now the best and most profitable choice for the customer is KVM. Some hosters are moving on it slowly. For example, we switched to KVM long time ago. https://sweb.ru/vds/
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    Depending on the virtualization and the level of overselling, you will be given the opportunity to use the specified number of physical CPU cores, if there is a a lot of overselling, the same cores can be used by other clients at the same time, if there is no overselling, then these cores are all yours.
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