• What is better, OpenVZ or Xen?

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    The first time I was looking for VPS, I saw at that there are different virtualization (OpenVZ or Xen, and even on Windows). I have a regular online store with attendance 4-5k per month on the engine Virtuemart. I never contacted Windows-based servers, so I checked Linux. What can you tell me about virtualization? And another point - I havn`t found information about virtualization technology at most providers. Are they hiding it on purpose, without offering an alternative?
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    For a lot of resource allocation, they should have XEN and KVM. That`s why you should choose a hosting provider with one of these virtualization systems, but it can cost a little more than OpenVZ. In addition, when choosing, it`s important to pay attention not just to the memory and the processor, but also to the possibility of placing your project on the SSD drives - that will increase database performance.
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    Hi! I would recommend using the VPS virtualization with KVM. While using kvm, it`s possible to ensure the integrity of the resource allocation. For your purposes VPS 1cpu 1g ram would be sufficient.
    Good afternoon. For the average user, OpenVZ is enough  You should have no problem when using this technology for client virtualization, if the hosting provider is honest with its users.
    Some unethical web hosting providers will conceal the type of virtualization they use - all honest web hosting companies will always specify the type of virtualization. VDS is suitable for your project (1 GB of RAM, preferably with KVM virtualization). Also, when choosing VDS we recommend that you pay attention to the possible changes in resource volume without needing to reinstalling the server.
    This question is probably not about providers` honesty when they don`t display the virtualization type on their websites. They probably didn`t display it because of forgetfulness or something else. They should always tell you what system they use upon request via online chat or by telephone. In your situation, we recommend using OpenVZ as it will be cheaper, with similar levels of resources. Overselling is really not excluded on OpenVZ , but conscientious providers will actively work to prevent problems related with performance in this case.
    We get this question a lot from our customers, so we have written an article on this subject on our blog. We describe in detail, the difference between different types of VPS. https://domen-hosting.net/news/kvm-vs-openvz.html. You should read it. Maybe it will be useful for you, and help you make a choice. You should skip asking hosters about virtualization who only offer one type and should provide the info you`ve given us to technical support.
    Providers can oversell on OpenVZ. This allows them to sell at a low, attractive prices, but oversell can cause backfires. Xen and KVM are the most convenient technology for customers now. Especially KVM.
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