• What else can I configure on the VPS?

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    Since people are talking more about protecting against DDoS attacks, some have mentioned that you can buy a device that will filter traffic. Someone said on the forum that it`s better to use Cloudflare or something similar. Please share our expert opinion. By the way, I`m not sure - do I need to add this myself to the hoster? Or should I be looking for a hosting provider already has Cisco installed?

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    What immediately comes to mind: 1. Change the standard port to work through ssh from 22 to some other one. 2. Set up the work on the server using sudo. 3. Close all unused ports through the firewall. 4. Configure apache for work in such way that scripts within each site can access only the site folder (setting open_basedir). 5. Disable the inside of php functionality, which allows to perform system calls, open sockets, etc. (using php.ini and disable_functions). In general if it possible try to learn SELinux. If you can correctly configure it, then you will be able to protect your server to the max.
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    Hi! If you plan to work with email on the server, you need to worry about the proper configuration of the email server. In particular, configure the PTR record, DKIM and SPF. Install SpamAssassin, antivirus ClamAV, configure gray lists.
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