• What do I do if the FTP slows down?

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    As they say in AA: Hi, my name is Antony, and I`m a self-taught webmaster. Guys, help the beginner please. Everything was working great, but in the last 2 weeks FTP began to work very slowly. The requests are sent, but very slowly. To download the site with 1500 files and 70 mb I have to wait for at least an hour.

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    Hi. As an option, zip the files in order to upload to the hosting provider and then unzip.
    That`s not enough information. Is it your own server or do you rent it? I only have one answer - to archive site files and download archives, then perform unpacking already on the server.
    Hi, I would first try to contact the hoster technical support whose services you use. The problem is probably on their side.
    Try to use any archivation software. Any modern hosting control panel has "Filemanager" system with ability to create and unpack archives. Single file will be downloaded much more faster.
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