• What do I do if the HTTPS protocol opens other sites?

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    I need urgent expert help! With everyone transitioning to https-protocol (if you don`t know what that is, Google it), I also decided to move. It turns out the search engine considers the version with "s" and without it two totally different sites. I went to check on my site by adding "https://" and I see a completely different website. I asked the hosting support and after almost 2 days, I received the answer that everything was fixed. It is really fixed, but for 5 days, I couldn`t get the answer on what it was and whose fault it was? And what do I do to prevent this in the future? Basically, could it be that my domain is leading to someone else`s site??

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    Good afternoon, it could only be due to a bug in the software configuration of your hosting provider.
    Ask this question to your hoster. Obviously there are some problems on its side.
    Http and https protocols work on different ports, and can open another site, it all depends on your web server configuration (the settings).
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