• What would be happened if I enter false data in WHOIS?

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    Who is regulating this and how can people be punished for it? I haven\'t yet tried it, but hypothetically I was thinking about it :) Can my domain can be taken away for this?

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    For RU and RF domains, it result in cancellation of registration without a refund. The precedent has been set. Last time a lot of domains underwent forced verification, so the chances of losing your domain is high. For gTLD-domains (COM, NET, etc.) it is important to enter only the existing e-mail. The registrators of these domains don`t focus on personal data. And almost every domain zone has its own rules in this case.
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    If you enter false data, your domain can be taken away, for domains in the RF and RU, zones with incorrect data can`t be changed to real ones.
    "Can a domain be taken for this?" - there`s nothing to take, because when entering false data, the domain won`t belong to you, but to the one it`s registered to. And if the data is false, then the domain does not belong to anyone. But you, of course, can still register the domain with false data, if you need it for a short time.
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