• What is the difference between VPS and VDS?

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    What is the difference between VPS and VDS, why are there different names on the different sites.

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    Formally, there is no difference, but in the framework of system administration: VPS - virtualization technology within the OS core (use the main host core), and VDS - paravirtualization system (virtual machine running in separate virtual container that is completely isolated, has its own core and full file system). That means VDS is a more private solution, you can set your core and your OS.
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    In fact, there are no differences. VPS - Virtual Private Server VDS - Virtual Dedicated Server. The same thing that someone calls "car" and someone else calls "machine". It depends on the person.
    Yep, these are different names for the same thing. VPS - Virtual Private Server, VDS - Virtual Dedicated Server. Regarding the previous comments - different providers sites can use different names for the service. In order to distinguish between paravirtualization, virtualization at the operating system and hardware virtualization, you need to pay attention to the name of the system. For example OpenVZ or LXC is virtualization technology at the OS level, XEN - supports paravirtualization and hardware, Hyper-V and KVM - hardware virtualization.
    Moreover, the term VDS appeared in the Russian-speaking environment hosting services on foreign hosting you will not find abbreviations VDS (Virtual dedicated server). Many Kazakhstan providers also use it and separate two concepts: VDS - a hardware virtualization technology and VPS - virtualization at the OS level.
    VDS - also known as Virtual Dedicated Server - is a virtual dedicated server, which belongs to you and only you. VPS - aka Virtual Private Server - is a virtual private server, which belongs to you and several other people.
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